Uncovering Another Fabritius? (Guest Blog)

The Carcase of an Ox – Circle of Rembrandt

I’ve been to Edinburgh to see The Goldfinch, and would concur with Intermezzo’s comments. For me though, there is a related problem.

There is currently an exhibition at York Art Gallery entitled ‘Flesh’, and it includes a painting called Carcass of an Ox. At this Exhibition, however, they’ve called it Slaughtered Ox ?? They also say the painting is to remind us of Christ’s crucifixion. I didn’t think I’d read that again but see here. At the exhibition it’s attributed to the ‘Circle of Rembrandt’. It has also been attributed to the ‘School of Rembrandt’. Rembrandt’s name is on the painting, but it’s clearly not his signature.

Years ago, the National Gallery in London examined this painting and they concluded that there was a distinct possibility that it was by his extremely talented pupil, Carel Fabritius. There is circumstantial evidence, including correspondence about such a painting between Fabritius and his wife. Can no one with authority take the bull by the horns and give the credit for this work to the painter of The Goldfinch? We would then have two masterpieces among his few remaining works.